Written by
Vicki Wood

Processing Your Thoughts and Feelings.

Published on 
March 24, 2023

Are you able to be still and quiet? We live in a culture full of distractions, from self-imposed
demands, family demands, work demands, phone calls, texts, notifications, and the daily news.
We are bombarded with information and demands from all sides. In addition to these external
distractions, we also have internal distractions that are a result of our mental state. Last week
(March 2, 2023) we talked about Jesus’ conversation with the woman at the well in John
Chapter 4. We looked at how there are many things that the world throws into the well of our
souls which block the springs of living water. These blockages keep God’s Spirit from flowing
freely through us.

When you are still, which thoughts race through your mind and more importantly, what do you
do with these thoughts? Do you push them back and ignore them, do you beat yourself up
because they are shame-provoking or too painful, or do you pray and ask God to “take these
thoughts away” so you don’t have to deal with them? When we push our thoughts and feelings
away and ignore them without properly processing them, we put ourselves into cycles that are
never-ending and are self-defeating.

I have found that often these thoughts are a direct result of what people, including ourselves
have thrown into the well of our souls. Instead of being still and looking at these things, our
denial of them has us running away in many different directions. I propose an alternative
means to address these thoughts.

I suggest that you ask God to sit with you and your thoughts and feelings, hear what they are
telling you, and discern where they are coming from. When I share my thoughts and feelings
with God (By the way- He already knows) and I ask Him to show me what to do with them, He
answers my prayers with great compassion and love. By including God into this process, we are
able to talk through these disturbing thoughts and feelings and find peace in our souls. It may
be that this process requires additional support and understanding from a trained professional.
Our counselors desire to partner with you and provide you with support as you work through
this process, which can be very painful. Call us at 909-353-3920 to make an appointment with
one of our counselors. Also, remember to read and share our weekly blogs as we examine how
we can unplug the well in our souls and experience the flow of living water - The very Spirit of

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