Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 
LMFT #48280 
I didn't know I was a California girl until I moved back East to rural Maryland, right off the Chesapeake Bay. Faced with miles of nothing but trees, a few passing cars and the occasional Amish buggy I realized I wasn’t in Southern California anymore. Given the fact there were few street lights and even fewer street signs, I quickly realized I needed to rely on GPS. This piece of technology made it possible for me to see where I was, and help me get to where I wanted to go. My passion as a counselor, is to help you get from where you are, to where you want be.  Asking for help takes courage. I provide a supportive and accepting environment so you feel comfortable. Clients have told me they appreciate my interactive and direct approach. My job is to get you back on track quickly. I especially enjoy working with couples and anyone motivated to improve or get better.

Emily Sharp-Stuursma, AMFT

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
AMFT #122963; Supervised by Mary Stanley LMFT #48280
My counseling journey actually began over 10+ years ago when I worked in the field of developmental intervention working with children and their families. I have been able to work with many children and adolescents struggling socially and emotionally. I have also been able to gain experience in supporting parents and family members through these struggles. It was through this work that I soon discovered my passion is helping individuals, families and couples rebuild their lives and relationships by overcoming struggles in life. That’s when I decided to pursue a degree in Marriage and Family therapy. In addition to my prior experience, I have also gained experience working in the field of addiction. Helping individuals work through life challenges such as; work stress, anxiety, depression, relationship struggles as well as loss and grief have been my focus. My goal is to assist those in need of growth through focusing on inner strengths and self-exploration. I have been inspired throughout my work life to continue on this journey and supported by my family to do so. I am blessed to be married to a Navy Veteran and we recently had our first child, a baby boy. I am so proud to have joined The Well Counseling Center and look forward to meeting you!
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